Saturday, March 26, 2011

Invisible Dawn Free Ebook Giveaway!

Invisible Dawn was just released and is beginning to appear on retail sites like Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Soon it should appear on Apple, Sony, Kobo, and many others. It is currently available on Smashwords for only $.99. However, if you would like a free copy (who wouldn't), I'm giving out 15 coupons for a free download in the format of your choice. But hurry, only the first 15 people will get a copy. Just visit my website and post a response to this message with your email. Once you have, I'll send you the coupon code and you can download it from the smashwords link for free. Just enter in the code I send you. All I ask is that once you've finished it, leave a book review at The coupons are only good through April 30th, so hurry. Good luck and happy reading!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Invisible Dawn's Complete Release!

After much anticipation on my part, Invisible Dawn is now available in about every format you could want and will soon be available at most ebook retailers, including Apple, Diesel, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Kobo, and others.

Amazon's Kindle Format can be purchased for $.99 here.

Barnes & Noble's Nookbook version can be purchased for $.99 here.

All other formats can be purchased here and will be more conveniently available for some in the next week through the sites I mentioned above.

I certainly hope everyone enjoys the book. Please let me know what you think after reading it by leaving a review at, Barnes & Noble, or Smashwords.


Monday, March 21, 2011

Invisible Dawn ePub Release

For some reason it is taking Barnes and Nobles a little longer than expected to process and release the book. Hopefully all will be well between now and tomorrow. I'll keep you posted when it becomes available.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Invisible Dawn Release

Invisible Dawn for Kindle is now available at and the epub version should be released by tomorrow on Get a copy of Invisible Dawn for your Kindle, Nook, or other e-reader for $.99. Don't have an e-reader, download the kindle and epub reader software for your computer for free. Just click on the links and enjoy the book. Please let me know what you think. Leave a review on or

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Invisible Dawn

Invisible Dawn is the first book of the Altered Realities series and the debut novel of Weston Kincade.

To keep a promise and save his long-lost goddaughter, Madelin, computer programmer Jedd Altran sacrificed everything, including his wife and newborn son. Now, they must pass through worlds far different than their own to escape the clutches of government killers.

In a world where rare individuals have evolved, the government kidnaps specific children to study and utilize their abilities. Madelin has been imprisoned in such a facility for thirteen years and suffers from medically induced amnesia. Facing a hopeless future, haunted dreams, and an invisible past, each morning is an Invisible Dawn and life holds no meaning, until she meets Jedd. Her newly discovered godfather becomes her beacon in tumultuous seas as they strive to find answers and allies.

On the run from PASTOR Agency’s first trained shifter, an egotistical man with power hungry desires, Madelin and her godfather find their lives intertwined with a broke Cajun gambler, an ex-mercenary in search of redemption, and a rebellious Vampire.

Can they survive nature's mysteries and humanity’s greed? Will they find salvation? Only a Darwinian victory will do, but even that may prove futile.

Weston Kincade will soon release "Invisible Dawn" for Kindle, Nook, and other ereaders. Check back soon for details and upcoming chances to win your very own free copy of "Invisible Dawn". To watch its editorial progress, feel free to check out the book on by clicking here,  Invisible Dawn.


In addition, be on the lookout for his second novel, A Life of Death, coming in the next few months. A paranormal coming-of-age story about one boy's pain and hardship endured in a small Virginia town.

Losing a father and growing up with an abusive, drunk replacement is hard enough, but when you hardly knew the first because of his constant military deployment, it alters your perspective. As a seventeen-year-old high school senior, Alex Drummond learns the value of family and the meaning of dedication the hard way, but reliving people's horrendous murders does have its upsides. Join him as he struggles to find his destiny, understand love, and discover what really happened to his father and the skeletons hiding within his small home town. Check back later for further updates.