Saturday, March 26, 2011

Invisible Dawn Free Ebook Giveaway!

Invisible Dawn was just released and is beginning to appear on retail sites like Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Soon it should appear on Apple, Sony, Kobo, and many others. It is currently available on Smashwords for only $.99. However, if you would like a free copy (who wouldn't), I'm giving out 15 coupons for a free download in the format of your choice. But hurry, only the first 15 people will get a copy. Just visit my website and post a response to this message with your email. Once you have, I'll send you the coupon code and you can download it from the smashwords link for free. Just enter in the code I send you. All I ask is that once you've finished it, leave a book review at The coupons are only good through April 30th, so hurry. Good luck and happy reading!