Friday, July 15, 2011

Twitter Kickoff

Yesterday, I discovered the value of tweets and began my early introduction to twitter with a daily one-liner. For writers who find beginning a story difficult, and readers who love to glean meaning from metaphors and vivid imagery, I hope these one-liners suit your tastes. Feel free to use them to start a story, or just consider what the story might be around the sentence. So, to catch up with the posts, here is yesterday's tweet for those who haven't added me.

People often say that one line can hold the truth to reality. I agree, so will post starter sentences once a day. If you're a writer or reader, I hope these random one liners make you think.

Day 1: Drive the knife into the heart of winter's bitter music.

Day 2: Habitual love is a reality of its own making full of endless surprises, nuances, and a kind of tender naivety that drowns.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post, or if you'd like it sent directly to your computer or phone, follow Weston Kincade on twitter.