Sunday, August 21, 2011

One-liners 31-34

These one-liners are intended to help those with a creative imagination and fellow writers, whether they are currently working through writer's block or not. Feel free to use them in your own writing, but a shout out is always helpful. :)

One-liner 31: Torpid affairs of the heart often tear people apart from the inside out, and haggard, soulless, devils aren't immune.

One-liner 32: Centuries of experience fall in the face of logic and rationality, or so I hear having never experienced it for myself. 

One-liner 33: Some characterize others through petty differences, but there isn't time for that. I'm the judge, jury and executioner.

One-liner 34: "Samples... you need samples!" Jerry shouted. "I just brought you the entire animal and you want feces from the field?"

Hope these help stimulate some creative stories.