Monday, August 29, 2011

One-liners 35-39

Feel free to use these one-liners in your own writing. If you do, I'd love a shout out.

One-liners 35-39:

One-liner 35: So many times, I find myself looking back, ashamed of my decisions. Why am I so damned?

 One-liner 36: "A citizen's arrest is when someone pulls their head out of their ass and acts like they matter," spat the cop.

One-liner 37: "Stealth is 80% mental and 20% training. I'm a master," muttered the gamer as he mashed his controller's buttons. 

One-liner 38: Hurricane...what hurricane? I laugh in the face of hurricc... oh crap! Grab my rifle. I'll show this thing what for.

One-liner 39: Midas had the touch, and my hands are so sweet no one can resist, even while the knife severs their throats.

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