Monday, October 17, 2011

One-liners 63-65:

It appears that the busier you become on Twitter, the more quickly your earlier tweets dissappear, so I have lost a few that I wrote. However, I have begun recording them in a word file so shouldn't lose any in the future. Here are the last three that I could recover for those who don't follow me @WestonKincade on twitter.

One-liner 63:"Drug the food and they'll regret it. Taint the silverware and your wisdom lives in their pain," answered the alchemist. #write

One-liner 64: "Trauma is in the brain, not the body,"chided the sergeant. "Understand yourself, and you'll know what you can endure." #write

One-liner 65:Candor is the life's blood for any true mage. Allow your heart to wander through the webs of magic, but guard your soul. #write

Feel free to use them in your writing or just use a tid-bit of imagination to make them come alive in your mind.

Weston Kincade ~ Author of Invisible Dawn and A Life of Death