Sunday, October 23, 2011

Today's Interview with Author, Lisa McCourt Hollar

Today we have another great Author that's decided to visit with us and discuss some of her haunted past, Lisa McCourt Hollar.

Weston: So Lisa, what is your favorite costume for Halloween?

Lisa: Witch. When I was a child that is what I always wore. I had a mask of a witch with a green face and HUGE wart on her nose. It was hard to breathe in it, but I felt like I was scary. Scarier than my sister anyway. She was always a clown.

Weston: Haha, I’ll bet you were. I remember dressing up as a Ninja Turtle one Halloween. With Steven King’s IT having been so popular, I think your sister would have put me to shame, and you surely would have. Now, are there any haunted places that you find incredibly memorable?

Lisa: Cry baby bridge. Never heard of it? Then you aren’t from Lima. Legend has it that one Halloween night a mother was driving home with her baby at midnight and went off the bridge. If you go there on Halloween night at midnight you are supposed to be able to hear the baby crying. Another story has a bus of teenagers on the way home from a game going off the bridge. Either way, it is a fun place to go when you want a scare.

Weston: Oh, wow. I love places with spooky pasts. They’re perfect for a good scare. Does your book include anything paranormal like that? How does it connect to Halloween?

Lisa: It is a collection of spooky stories, many of them set during Halloween. The ones that don’t specify the holiday are still spooky enough to be a Halloween story. One of them involves a ghost that doesn’t know he is dead and how he comes to realize that he is no longer among the living. He finds he has a terrifying punishment ahead of him because of crimes he committed while alive. Another is a story of a woman that decided to kill her husband on Halloween. Probably not the best night to commit murder.

Weston: Or the perfect night for it. Depends on how you look at it. Quite a few people are screaming bloody murder, so one or two real screams might be easily missed. It’s kind of like when the end of the world comes. Police should be more concerned with their own well being, so probably won’t have time to save the innocents. There’s been a lot of talk about zombies and zombie apocalypse of late. Assuming it‘s real and really does happen, how do you think the zombies will move?

Lisa: Slow and staggering, but they never stop and they move in packs, so even if you can take on one or two, eventually you will be overwhelmed. Actually, I addressed this in a story I wrote for Undead of Winter anthology by Rymfire Ebooks. It is called The Second Wave and the first set of zombies is only the first wave. What comes after them is even more terrifying.

Weston: Oh, cool. I’ll have to check that out. I wonder if there’s anything in there about other vicious creatures, maybe vampires and werewolves. In your opinion, is silver truly lethal to werewolves and vampires?

Lisa: No. This is misinformation put out to confuse hunters. It is a dangerous world and werewolves and vampires cannot be too careful.

Weston: So even the vicious beasts of our nightmares have a good PR group. What is this world coming to? Considering the different creatures running about in horror novels, which one do you fear the most?

Lisa: Zombies for all the usual reasons. They can be easy to handle one on one, but get them in hoards and you don’t stand a chance.

Weston: Isn't that the truth. I interviewed some of the other authors involved in this blog the other day and Nicholas Olivo mentioned fast zombies. Those really freak me out. It was great having you Lisa, and I look forward to reading your stories.

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