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Today's Interviews and Updates: Meet Author, Jim Bronyaur

This week has been very exciting. Monday, I appeared on Jezri's Nightmare Blog for a great interview. And today I am supposed to appear on two more sites for interviews, author/blogger Nicholas Olivo's Blog and Angel Haze's, the mastermind behind this Halloween Blog Hop. Stop by, check them out, and enjoy a special treat on all of us authors, a chance to win free ebooks and signed paperbacks just by posting on Angel's blog with three of the books you'd like to win.

To make today even more exciting, I'm interviewing fellow author, Jim Bronyaur about his views on Halloween and his book, The Devil's Weekend, a horror novel that...well, I'll let him tell you about it.

Weston: Welcome to my humble digital house, Jim. To begin, how does your book fit in with Halloween?

Jim: My book is about a serial killer who's about to be caught so he makes a deal with The Devil... in exchange for his soul, he has the weekend to kill freely, without being caught... nice n' scary, just like Halloween!

Weston: Speaking of scary. Let's consider some more traditional horror movie characters. Which do you prefer, Freddy or Jason?

Jim: Jason. He just kills. And kills. And kills.

That he does. The most eerie part of him in my mind is the lack of spoken words. A grunt here and there makes him seem so bestial and like an unstoppable monster. Speaking of monsters, what fictitious creature or monster do you fear the most?

Jim: Zombies for sure. Because they have numbers. Imagine all the dead rising? Bones and all. Yikes.

Weston: Yep, that is certainly a scary thought. It would likely mean the end of the world as we know it. I've often considered the aftermath and what it might be like depending on what brings our world to an end. Are you prepared for the end of the world as we know it?

Jim: I'm not prepared, but I can hold my own. I mean I have food, sure, but if the end came, I'd deal with a for a little while. Perhaps write one last novel before it all ends for good.

Weston: Hmmm, I wonder whether Zombies would read if relieved of their blood thirst or hunger pangs? Now that would be a hard audience to sell to. Since Halloween is just around the corner, what is the scariest thing that's ever happened to you?

Jim: I saw a ghost once. At my grandparents house. It was the ghost of my great-grandmother. She walked up the steps and into the back bedroom. It was chilling.

Weston: Whoa, that would certainly stop me in my tracks. I'm not sure what I would do in that scenario. I haven't actually seen one myself, but it's exciting just considering the possibilities, especially if I knew them. Well thanks for coming, Jim. It was great having you.

The Devil's Weekend:
Meet Oliver Ignis.

A man desperate for his mother’s love with the constant urge to kill.

After years of killing, he’s been give the name The Anything Killer. But now the police, led by detective Ralph Samuels, are closing in.

After a fresh body is discovered and the town swells with fear, The Devil comes to make Oliver a deal: in exchange for his soul, Oliver will have the weekend to kill without having to hide. It he’s shot, bullets pass through with no wound. If he’s stabbed, the blade comes out clean. And if he’s cuffed, they slide right off.

It’s a serial killers dream.

It’s our nightmare.

When Ralph Samuels apprehends a teenager who claims to have shot Oliver multiple times, he begins to wonder what’s happening to the small town of Damon, Pennsylvania.

It was everything Oliver ever wanted, but what happens when Oliver kills the wrong person?

With The Devil in the background and the police surrounding him, Oliver makes his last stand and gives The Devil everything he wants, and more.

This is The Devil’s Weekend.
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