Monday, November 28, 2011

One-liners 71-75

Here are the latest One-liners from Twitter. Feel free to make use of them to help your own writing or just to consider the story surrounding the line.

One-liner 71: "...catch a tiger by its toe," muttered Frita's uncle as he grasped hers between two fingers. "See, you don't need this one."

One-liner 72 is brought to you by a very interesting discussion on Wattpad. See it for a laugh at

One-liner 72: Frik cursed as coffee covered his lap. Looking up, his jaw dropped as a planet jacked the front of his new Cadillac UFO #write

One-liner 73: If the story calls for it and you're too attached to a character to do it, that's when you know you must. #write #advice

One-liner 74: "Garrotes are wonderful, don't you think?" muttered the assassin. The banker's eyes widened as she groped for the alarm #write

One-liner 75: Football's a soldier's sport. But if players were issued M-16s and grenades, it would be the envy of politicians. #write

Hope you're enjoying them. Feel free to check past One-liners throughout my posts or follow me on Twitter @WestonKincade
Weston Kincade ~ Author of Invisible Dawn and A Life of Death