Thursday, November 17, 2011

Update on A Life of Death, the Podiobook

As of today, A Life of Death has been up on for its serialized audiobook podcast release for one entire month. I know I have had questions about how many people would see it and how many people are subscribed and will subscribe via all of the podcast networks like itunes etc... So, having nothing to compare it to from my research, I thought I'd give my numbers. Anyone with experience on that would like to contribute their first month's numbers, I'd love to hear from you. uses Liberated Syndication to host and upload the books and I've been able to track the downloads of A Life of Death's episodes. In the first month, A Life of Death has been download 2,650 times. However, from what I understand, this is only counting the downloads from I don't actually have a way of tracking how many times its been downloaded from podcast applications and computers using itunes etc...that aren't going directly to This is very exciting. I don't know how many people the book has gotten to beyond the 2,650 number, but even so, 2,650 is a lot of downloads. Now, to be fair, there are 12 episodes in the now finished podiobook and my guess is that this is tracking each time an episode is downloaded, not the entire book. So, if someone reads the entire book, they've downloaded it 12 times. But this is just my assumption.

So far as subscribers are concerned, again, I can't track the other applications tuned into my book, but I can track how many people are subscribed through specifically through their author tools. Here's the current break down:

Total Subscribers to date: 61
Total Active Subscribers to date: 51
Total Subscribers that have finished listening to A Life of Death to date: 24
Total Subscribers that have finished listening to A Life of Death to date and continued on to listen to the promotional sneak peek episode #12: 17 (This number may be skewed because I released the promotional episode two days ago, finishing the book.)
Total Subscribers that have stopped subscribing to the book and the last episode they listened to: 10
Episode Name # Subscriptions
Never Started Subscription 2
LifeofDeath 01 1
LifeofDeath 07 1
LifeofDeath 11 3
LifeofDeath 12 3

Overall, I'm quite happy to see the book reaching so many people and look forward to it reaching more people now that it is complete. There are a few episodes that could use some finetuning for better sound quality and such, so I'm working on that and then will compile them and sell the entire podiobook as one file that isn't broken up at an affordable price. That's the plan, along with my other projects.

Have a great Thanksgiving Holiday!

Weston Kincade ~ Author of Invisible Dawn and A Life of Death