Thursday, February 2, 2012

One-liners 81-85:

As I've done for months now, here are the most recent one-liners that I've tweeted. I hope you enjoy them and that they help anyone struggling with writing ideas.

One-liner 81: Folding herself into the cramped coach seat, Sally opened the vent overhead to breath easier, seconds away from escape. #write

One-liner 82: "Mmmmm... Parrots... crunchy," mumbled the absent-looking man as he chewed. Charlotte cringed. #write #prompt.

One-liner 83: "Silence is a blessing," hissed the killer standing in the auditorium, the singer's blood dripping off his hands. #write

One-liner84: Screams echoed down the tiled hall of the ICU as a second patient passed beyond reach that night. A chill ran down Sam's spine.

One-liner 85: Death is a sorrowful matter, one that will bring tears to the eyes for a stranger, but will tear at the heart for a loved one.

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Weston Kincade ~ Author of Invisible Dawn and A Life of Death