Thursday, March 29, 2012

One-liners 86-90

I know it's been a while since my last collection of recent one-liners, but that's due to life's curve balls. Dealing with deaths in the family, car wrecks, insurance negotiations, doctors appointments, and teaching, editing, and writing can take their toll some times. However, here is the next set of one-liners. I hope you enjoy them. I will try to get back to writing and releasing them at my normal pace.

One-liners 86-90:

One-liner 86: "Who needs a lawyer to deal with loan officers when I've got my friend, the Colt 45?" Edward said, patting his side arm #write

One-liner 87: Charlotte stepped out onto the ledge, placing heels to toes, then again. "Char, what are you thinking?" shouted someone below.

One-liner 88: Pillows littered the luxurious tent. Jaleel's blood seeped through his shirt and onto a pillow. "What do I do now?" #write

One-liner 89: "Robots, humph. They have to be told. I'll take a secretary that'll pick up coffee and dry cleaning," said the banker. #write

One-liner 90: "Oh, God!" Maggie cringed as a truck hurtled forward in her mirror. It won't fit in my trunk, she thought, but it's gonna try.

Thanks for following and all the retweets and posts about my books. I hope all is well. If not, just remember that tomorrow is another day and the hazards of life cannot exist without the world's beauty. It will find it's way to you soon. Good luck and good reading!

Weston Kincade ~ Author of Invisible Dawn, A Life of Death, and Strange Circumstances

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Thadd Presley Presents: Murder, A Gruesome Giveaway!

I am happy to announce, as the editor and a featured author, that TPP: Murder will be free this April Fools weekend. And this isn't a joke.

Having edited a couple novels from this new upstart of a publisher and trying to work through their backlog, there were a few growing pains with their first novel, TPP: Creature Feature, but it is still a great book with wonderful stories. With their latest release, I predict that TPP: Murder is going to truly impress readers and leave them wishing for more. As I combed through the pages, editing and formatting the book, I was very impressed with the level of writing that went into the stories. There were the variety of editing changes that had to be made, as there are with any novel or anthology, but each of these stories topped each other, getting better and better one after another. And I am proud that my story, "Prison Torment" previously featured by, was selected to be included with them. I must admit, many of the stories were certainly twisted and some even had me squirming, but if you're into those gruesome murder tales, this book is for you.

The free promotion is only a few days away, so be sure to stop by and get your free copy.

And remember, the best way to say thank you to a publisher and its authors is to leave a review letting everyone know what you thought.

Weston Kincade ~ Author of Invisible Dawn, A Life of Death, and Strange Circumstances

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Invisible Dawn Free this Weekend!

As a welcome to Kindle Select, I've decided to give away free ebook copies of Invisible Dawn this weekend, March 24 and 25. I'd love to see tons of readers and fans get their copies for free. I hope it brings you many hours of enjoyment.

Find out what lies between our worlds and how far one godfather will go to save his goddaughter from black-ops government agents in this sci-fi/dark fantasy. John Breeden II, a journalist with Game Industry News, gave Invisible Dawn 5 stars and called it "A Thinking Man's Blade Runner."

Get your copy on this weekend.

Weston Kincade ~ Author of Invisible Dawn, A Life of Death, and Strange Circumstances

Monday, March 19, 2012

Final Hours of $ .99 sale for Invisible Dawn

Invisible Dawn will soon be transferred to Kindle Select and the price will be going back up to $2.99. Hurry and get your copy at this sale price now.

In a world where rare individuals have evolved, the government kidnaps specific children to study and utilize their abilities. Madelin has been imprisoned in such a facility for thirteen years and suffers from medically induced amnesia. Facing a hopeless future, haunted dreams, and an invisible past, each morning is an Invisible Dawn and life holds no meaning, until she meets Jedd. Her newly discovered godfather becomes her beacon in tumultuous seas as they strive to find answers and allies.

On the run from PASTOR Agency's first trained shifter, an egotistical man with power hungry desires, Madelin and her godfather find their lives intertwined with a broke Cajun gambler, an ex-mercenary in search of redemption, and a rebellious Vampire.

Can they survive nature's mysteries and humanity's greed? Will they find salvation? Only a Darwinian victory will do, but even that may prove futile.

eBook available at

Weston Kincade ~ Author of Invisible Dawn, A Life of Death, and Strange Circumstances

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How I Decided to Torture Myself and Write a Book

A while back, Robert J. Dornan, author of an exciting young adult novel entitled Jack City, contacted me about exchanging guest posts on our blogs. We decided to answer a question we have both been asked many times: What in the world gave us the idea to write a novel . . . or three? It is a question authors are often asked, and many times there are similarities and differences in our stories. Frequently the stirrings of a novelist's early love for literature and writing are full of quirky events. See for yourself. You can find my post on his blog at Here's Robert:

We have all heard the quote that everyone has a novel inside of them. Yah sure, but having a novel inside of you and writing it are two different subjects that more often than not will only be discussed while a commercial is running. Very few people will ever sit down for months or even years to write a novel but those that do – like myself – have to draw their inspirations from somewhere and that ladies and germs is our discussion for today.

Jack City and a yet to be released book called Legend of Tanushka were written for kids nine to eighteen. I am not even remotely close to this age group and quite frankly can remember very little about those years except for two Susan’s and a Cheryl who were really attractive and wanted nothing to do with me. I digress.

Writing about something you know nothing about is futile, it’s a waste of time and those who read your work will notice this before the first chapter is done. You can’t write about King Kong if you’ve never been to a zoo. That being said, you would think that a guy who can’t remember anything about his teenage years – other than three girls who may have given him wedgies at one point or another – doesn’t seem right. Well, you’d be wrong amigos and amigas ‘cause this guy has two very extroverted children who have filled his notebooks with more material than a Jerry Seinfeld gig. It’s a wonder I haven’t written several novels before this including self help books for parents with extremely funny children. My two babies are my inspiration and their friends are also a wealth of future paragraphs and great one-liners.

Legend of Tanushka was inspired by creating a bed time story for my daughter when she was only nine. We made up some names, added a princess and by the end of the week I had a storyline. Just goes to show you can never underestimate the creative mind of a nine-year old girl five minutes before she passes out for the night.

It’s not necessarily your life that inspires a novel. It’s who and what is in your life that will carry you through three to four hundred pages of page turning fun and torture.

p.s. Visit your local zoo…who knows eh?

Weston Kincade ~ Author of Invisible Dawn, A Life of Death, and Strange Circumstances

Monday, March 12, 2012

New 5 Star Review on

Yesterday was a superb day to have a birthday. I got to spend it with a great friend and my wonderful wife. And this morning I discovered that another reader was so impressed with A Life of Death that they wrote a wonderful 5 star review. I am very happy they enjoyed the book and took so much from it. Booknutzz said:

"This is a must read. It might be a work of fiction but it contains many home truths. It's one everyone should read and take to heart. It contains lessons many now need to learn and re-learn. Buy it, borrow it. Read it!"

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes. Enjoy the read.

Weston Kincade ~ Author of Invisible Dawn, A Life of Death, and Strange Circumstances