Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Strange Circumstances is Ranked Second in Fiction Anthologies!

I am again happy to report that for the second day in a row, Strange Circumstances is ranked second in both its current categories on Amazon. This short story collection about fate is finally getting into the hands of readers, and I hope they enjoy it. If you got a copy and have a moment after reading it or The Golden Bulls, the other book available free right now, leaving a quick, honest review is a great way of saying thanks. Tell your friends. Let's get up to that #1 spot. The giveaway is still going through tomorrow, so everyone has a chance to get their copy of both books.

Let's break those category barriers. Strange Circumstances is even ranked #375 in all free books on Amazon. Let's break that top 100 barrier! The glass ceiling is showing cracks, so help us get the word out. We can't do it without you. It just needs another push, and you could make the difference. It's free, so enjoy two great reads for the price of none! Share the wealth!

Get it on in the US here.

Get it on in the UK here.

Weston Kincade ~ Author of Invisible Dawn, A Life of Death, and Strange Circumstances