Thursday, May 30, 2013

Making New Writerly Friends

As people who know me and some clients can attest to, I can't help myself when encountering typos on websites - a habit of my profession as an editor for WAKE Editing. Whenever I came across a great new author site by J. C. Michael, I couldn't help myself again. There were a few typos here and there, nothing overwhelming though. However, the perfectionist in me had to reach out. James was very appreciative and after integrating the editing comments even asked to do a blog post on Salvation.

Thanks, James! And congratulations on getting published with Books of the Dead Press.

So check out his new site for his thrilling novel Discoredia. It's certainly on my list to be read.

Weston Kincade ~ Author of the Altered Realities series, A Life of Death collection of novels, and Strange Circumstances

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Update and Reveal of Salvation, Book Two in Altered Realities

I know many fans of Invisible Dawn, the first book in Altered Realities, have been patiently waiting. I want to apologize for the delay in the completion of Salvation, the sequel. It has taken much longer than I planned due to various projects and life's numerous hurdles. However, the time is growing near. In the coming weeks, I will be announcing a call for beta readers who wish to help with the final review and critique, getting a sneak peek at Salvation before its official release.

For now, I thought fans might be interested in a different sneak peek, the creation process and cover reveal of Salvation.

As to the cover's creation, I held a contest a little under a year ago for cover images to be used and received many wonderful submissions. The winner was a young woman with tons of skill. I've included the winning image she submitted here along with a bit of information about her:

Bio: Eleanor Leonne Bennett is a sixteen-year-old, internationally award winning photographer and artist who has won first places with National
Geographic,The World Photography Organization, Nature's Best Photography, Papworth Trust, Mencap, The Woodland trust and Postal Heritage. Her photography has  been published in the Telegraph , The Guardian, BBC News Website and on the cover of books and magazines in the United states and Canada. Her art is globally exhibited, having shown work in London, Paris, Indonesia, Los Angeles, Florida, Washington, Scotland,Wales, Ireland, Canada, Spain, Germany, Japan, Australia, and The Environmental Photographer of the year Exhibition (2011) amongst many other locations. She was also the only person from the UK to have her work displayed in the National Geographic and Airbus run See The Bigger Picture global exhibition tour with the United Nations International Year Of Biodiversity 2010.

To find out more or contact this admired artist, her email is listed below along with a site where you can view many of her other creations.

The second step in this process took me to one of multiple wonderful graphic artists I've worked with in the past, and another aspiring author, Simon Critchell at SandS Creative. If you need graphics work done, Simon is dead on. He lives in Queensland, Australia, with his family, and I had the wonderful opportunity to work with him on my last novel's cover, The Golden Bulls, book two in the A Life of Death collection. The first version of Salvation he sent me was stupendous and only required a couple minute changes. He had the cover pegged.

The result of both their hard work was this:

It requires one or two small changes, but it is mostly finished. You will notice that the text on the back flap is just a space holder at the moment, but that will be altered as we come closer to the time for beta reading and I get the summary finalized. I am glad to see Salvation coming to fruition and am very happy with the current version. I have no doubt readers will enjoy the next phase in the Altered Realities series.

Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to let me know what you think. I'd love to hear it.

Weston Kincade ~ Author of Invisible Dawn, A Life of Death, and Strange Circumstances

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Interview with Erin Britt

Erin Britt, author of Celia and a recent college graduate, interviewed me recently about both my writing and editing services. It was great fun. Stop by and check it out here.

Weston Kincade ~ Author of Invisible Dawn, A Life of Death, and Strange Circumstances