Book Blogs and More

Here is a list of book blogs willing to read and review indie writers in e-book format. They have been very helpful in the past, but I can't vouch for every person's experience. Please check them out for yourself.

Book Blogger Directory -
Alchemy of Scrawl -
Alaskan Book Cafe -
Geeky Girl Reviews -
1000+ Books to Read -
Oktopus Ink -
Free Book Reviews -
Reviews at Ebook Addict -
Book Blogs -
Alice Unblocked -
Books and Things -
Juniper Grove -
Indie Book Blog -
Indie Books Blog -
Mark's Writer Bloc -
Free Book Reviews -
For the Love of Writing -
Cath 'n' Kindle Book Reviews -
MKP Book and Film Reviews -
Book Junkies Library -
SPA Reviews and The Breakthrough Bookstore -
Lia Fairchild's Review Page -

Other sites that have proven helpful:
The Literary Marketplace -
Wattpad -
The Indie Spot -
Podiobooks -
Game Industry News -
New Book Journal -
Breakthrough Bookstore -