Founded in 2011, WAKE Editing is owned and operated by Weston Kincade. His intent is to help his clients and their manuscripts reach the heights of their potential. He wants your publication or technical document to shine in the hands of readers, be they social readers, agents, publishers, professors, or employers with an eye for quality. With seven years of experience teaching students to write effectively, two published novels, and multiple short stories in various anthologies, Mr. Kincade is uniquely qualified to meet your editing needs. He's successfully edited novels and short stories by authors Scott Rhine, Marshall J. Stephens, David Chrisley, and John Breeden II. He is passionate about helping new and upcoming authors hone their craft. Customers have given Weston's work high praise, and now he'd like to provide his services to you. ​

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"Whether you need a light polish or a complete overhaul, Kincade can get it done."

~John Breeden II, GCN Laboratory Director, Chief Product Reviewer, and Author of the upcoming novel Old Number Seven

"What one wants from a copy editor is accuracy, attention to detail and thoroughness. I found Mr. Kincade's services to be all that and more."

~ Marshall J. Stephens, Co-Author of Strange Circumstances and Author of the upcoming novel Even the Dead May Die

"Weston was very encouraging with my second novel 'Foundation for the Lost' and did a better job than the professionals at Create Space with the big-picture, comprehensive edits—at a small fraction of the cost."

~ Scott Rhine, Author of Foundation for the Lost, Scarab and many other fiction novels.